Beyond Keys and Codes: Future-Proofing Security with Advanced Access Control

The humble key may soon become a relic of the past in the face of sophisticated new access control solutions. Many companies, particularly those brimming with sensitive data and expensive equipment, are at the forefront of adopting these cutting-edge advancements. So, what trends are shaping the future of commercial access control? Biometrics Take Center Stage:…

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Recover Stolen Vehicle? How A Locksmith Can Help

car theft

With the rash of auto thefts occurring in Colorado recently, we have seen an uptick in requests to help people who have recovered stolen vehicles rekey their cars. A simple creation of a new key is not enough, however, to secure your vehicle properly in the event of a recovery. Here are three ideas to…

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The Language of Door Hardware

Rim Exit Device

As a homeowner or property owner, you may have a need to replace a door or its components. This is not uncommon, especially in Colorado where drastic temperature changes can cause settling of foundations that in turn can cause sagging doors. You also may be considering replacing locking mechanisms with newer access control technology to improve…

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The Power Of Keyways

Keyway examples

Did you know that all of the different keys available are actually blank templates for the various locks available? Depending on what is being locked/unlocked could drive the brand of key used that is designed to match the keyway of the locking mechanism. A keyway is the slot or groove that the key matches and…

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A Weigh In On Door Closers

Automatic hydraulic device, leaver hinge door closer holder.

Determining the correct door closer for a commercial door application may seem simple but if done wrong, a door can quickly become noncompliant, begin to sag and even increase energy costs. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best door closer for your commercial property.  Location of door Mounting needs –…

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4 Types of Commercial Locks – Which is best for your business?

When considering door lock technology for your office, commercial space or multifamily living complex, there are several options depending upon your needs. There are primarily four different types of locks for commercial doors: keyless entry, electric strike, restricted, and magnetic. Let’s take a deeper look into each for the best application. Keyless Entry Commercial Locks…

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Locked Out? Call a Locksmith – Or Not

We all know that dreaded feeling when you have stepped out of your vehicle, shut the door behind you and then realized your keys are inside. Lock outs happen. And it seems natural to call a locksmith to get you back into your automobile. Locksmiths used to be the go to resource for this service…

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A Cautionary Tale – Do You Know Where Your Keys Are?

Bob and Sandy were so excited to finally get a weekend off from their small business to take the kids out to camp. They made reservations at the local campground, about 3 hours from their home, where they knew cell phones would not work and they could find the peace and quiet they craved to…

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