Locked Out? Call a Locksmith – Or Not

We all know that dreaded feeling when you have stepped out of your vehicle, shut the door behind you and then realized your keys are inside. Lock outs happen. And it seems natural to call a locksmith to get you back into your automobile. Locksmiths used to be the go to resource for this service but a lot has changed in the past decade. So the question now becomes when should you call a locksmith and when should you consider alternatives that you may already be paying for.

The first question to ask yourself after locking yourself out of the car is what services you already have in place. Many of our automobile insurance policies now come with roadside assistance programs. If you do not have this rider on your policy, contact your insurance agent to discuss this option. Some programs are as little as $30 per year, a fraction of the cost of a locksmith call. 

Another alternative are services like the American Automobile Association (AAA), a common resource many of us have for roadside emergency services, like towing, fuel and yes, lock out services. Programs like this one are highly affordable and will save you time and money in a lock out scenario. 

Lastly, the modern era is ushering apps, like OnStar, that can now integrate with your vehicle. These apps can contact emergency services in the event of an accident, locate your vehicle after a theft and provide access when you lock yourself out of the automobile. Our suggestion is to visit the car manufacturer’s website to see if your vehicle has the ability to integrate with app technology.

Now there are times where a locksmith is the right call. Call a locksmith when you have lost your keys completely (or better yet, be proactive and come have an extra key made before you lose the last copy. Making a duplicate is much less expensive than making a key from scratch and is less of an emergency situation, preventing stress), the battery has run low on your electronic key fob or a vehicle is recovered after theft to change out locks. Al Secure Lock & Security is an excellent choice in these scenarios to ensure that you and your car remain all secure. If you find yourself in need of a great locksmith to rekey vehicles, look no further! Our professional team can help.