School Security

School security

The world today is drastically different than it was even two decades ago. Incidences of school shootings are becoming an almost daily occurrence. We are all impacted by this shocking reality, and while the topic of school security can be complex, it is a conversation worth having none-the-less.

Proactively protecting our schools and other educational institutions with real-time alerts, remote lock downs, high-definition video surveillance, and advanced access control systems can give law enforcement the tools they need to act quickly and effectively as well as give peace of mind to students, faculty, and facilities workers. All Secure, a Denver-based local security company, partners with school boards, accountability committees, educational leaders, facilities managers, and other public safety officials to audit, recommend, install, and maintain physical school security systems

How can All Secure help?

Real-Time Alerts

All Secure provides real-time alerts to ensure that our schools remain secure. Our advanced alert systems can detect any suspicious activity and send out notifications to law enforcement and other officials, allowing them to take immediate action. Our real-time alerts can also be sent to students and faculty, keeping them safe and informed.


Remote Lock Downs

With All Secure's remote lock down systems, law enforcement and school officials can remotely lock all doors and gates in the school, keeping everyone safe from potential threats. Our remote lock down systems are designed to be easy to use and to provide the most secure and rapid lock down process possible.

High-Definition Video Surveillance

Our high-definition video surveillance systems are designed to provide crystal clear images of any potential threats. Our systems can detect any suspicious activity and immediately alert the appropriate officials. Our surveillance systems are also designed to be easy to use and maintain.

Trilogy on Classroom Door

Advanced Access Control Systems

Our advanced access control systems are designed to provide the most secure access possible. Our systems can restrict access to certain areas of the school, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. Our access control systems are easy to install, configure, and maintain.

The benefits to our approach?

A multilayered approach with networked solutions to create end-to-end security systems.

Seamless scalability that takes into account legacy security systems to reduce the need for full replacement of systems while upgrading for enhanced security.

Flexibility to cater to the needs of the various spaces within the school, such as gymnasiums, dining halls, and other sensitive high traffic areas.

Assignable threat level management systems to meet the rising demand for multiphase remote lock down procedures.

If your school or educational institute is reviewing security protocols and investing in upgrades to provide the safety and security needed to protect students, faculty, and building personnel, contact All Secure for an audit and discussion around your needs.

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