Recover Stolen Vehicle? How A Locksmith Can Help

With the rash of auto thefts occurring in Colorado recently, we have seen an uptick in requests to help people who have recovered stolen vehicles rekey their cars. A simple creation of a new key is not enough, however, to secure your vehicle properly in the event of a recovery.

Here are three ideas to consider if you are lucky enough to get your car back after a theft.

  1. Replace all locks. There is always a chance that copies of the existing keys could have been made, allowing the thieves to steal the car a second time. Replacing locks, perhaps with electronic lock options like keypads or biometric solutions.
  2. Add anti-theft devices. Ok, you can do this one to help prevent the theft in the first place. But if you had not yet included an anti-theft device to your vehicle, someone stealing your vehicle should prompt action. Steering wheel locks, car wheel clamps, remote battery disconnection switches and other technologies exist to reduce chances of a repeat theft occurrence.
  3. Install GPS tracking. If your automobile or fleet vehicle is suddenly missing, open up a tracking app to find it. Then, call the police. DO NOT follow the thieves yourself. It could be dangerous.
  4. Consider Connected Car. Technology is now available that connects your vehicle with your smart home technology, plus provides alerts about driver behavior, towing alerts, and even upcoming repair needs.

If you have discovered your vehicle was stolen, Lockdown Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority has provided a quick resource guide that reminds you to contact the police and insurance companies, create a list of items that were inside of the vehicle, and cancel any credit cards or IDs left in the vehicle. They have a handy downloadable card if you want to have a quick resource. Just visit for details.

All Secure Lock and Security can help rekey your vehicle, unprogram old keys, fix ignition switches, install car door lock replacements that may have been damaged and install new technologies like Connected Car. Stop in and talk with one of our electronic security specialist to discuss new technology upgrades that may also be available to reduce automobile thefts. We look forward to keeping you AND your vehicle All Secure!