How do I know that no one else has a copy of my key?

We have all seen the words “Do Not Duplicate” on the front of some keys. This does not necessarily mean that people will follow instructions. The key cutting machines in supermarkets and big box stores can indeed still recreate the key. If the keyway exists in their inventory, they will often make the key. It may not work properly (see our previous blog on Why Your Duplicate Key Doesn’t Work) but technically it can be duplicated. Then a copy of your key exists that does not even include the security theater of “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on it. Unauthorized copies are then easily made, and your commercial property security program is compromised. 

Do you want anyone to be able to make a duplicate key without your knowledge? 

Are you okay with people who you didn’t give keys to, accessing your business or commercial building? 

If the answer is no, keep reading. 

An ideal solution to ensuring access control of a business or facility is to install a key system. There are several options that exist. Our team at All Secure Lock & Security can provide a program that replaces existing cylinders inside of your locks to accept keys not available at big box stores, meaning duplication is not easily achieved. This can often be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of replacing locks as only a piece of the mechanism is being replaced. The largest benefit is that when an employee leaves your organization and keys are turned in through the exit process, you have the peace of mind that a duplicate key has most likely not been made. 

A second, and potentially more effective, solution is to ditch keys completely and move to keyless access control systems. While a system like this may require a bit more of an investment, the additional control and transparency that you receive over who comes and goes from your organization is often worth it. There are several options available depending on needs and budget. The best course of action is to contact us for a complimentary audit of your access points for a customized security system recommendation. 

Should you choose a mechanical solution or an electronic security system, we can help make sure your commercial property is All Secure. Contact us to discuss potential solutions that can fit into any budget.  

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