Automatic hydraulic device, leaver hinge door closer holder.

A Weigh In On Door Closers

Determining the correct door closer for a commercial door application may seem simple but if done wrong, a door can quickly become noncompliant, begin to sag and even increase energy costs. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best door closer for your commercial property. 

  1. Location of door
  2. Mounting needs – interior or exterior
  3. Weight and size of door
  4. Traffic frequency and volume
  5. Swing of door
  6. Wind conditions and building pressure

Door closers most commonly used for commercial buildings are either surface mounted, overhead concealed or floor mounted. Each is selected using the above criteria to determine if they are heavy duty, medium duty or light duty usage. 

Surface mounted door closers are typically best for light to medium duty applications. Aluminum door frames often found on storefronts that have low to medium traffic use surface mounted door closers. Easy to install with minimal drilling, surface door closers come in four variations: regular arm surface mounted, parallel arm surface mounted, slide track arm and top jamb mounted. The mount will depend on the weight of door, environmental conditions and desired swing. 

Overhead concealed door closers are typically used in medium to high traffic areas. The installation requires that the door closers are hidden within the door frame headers and can be position in an offset or centered position to accommodate various door sizes. 

Floor mounted door closers are used for heavy doors, like fire resistant doors, storm doors and high efficiency doors. They are excellent for high to extreme traffic conditions. Floor mounted door closers are a great option for all glass rail or patch-fitted doors, often used in commercial buildings for their quality and aesthetic value.   

For a more in depth conversation about the best door closer for your commercial building project or storefront door replacement, contact All Secure Lock & Security. We are here to help!