Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Wellness Safety Solutions for Independent Living

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Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Wellness Safety Solutions for Independent Living

Enhance Senior Living Safety and Wellness

One month of free monitoring with annual contract.

Safety and Security

With All Secure Wellness Safety Solutions, seniors and their caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that safety and security are always being monitored. Our solutions offer activity monitoring, alerts, and personalized safety plans for seniors to ensure that their independent living is as safe and secure as possible. Program benefits include:

  • Activity pattern monitoring with alerts for out-of-ordinary events
  • Notifications for wandering or leaving at unusual hours
  • PERS (personal emergency response system) pendant integrations
  • Professional Installation and Service
  • Non-intrusive sensors throughout home or care center
  • Ability for family to connect through app system at anytime for check ins
  • Be one step ahead of any wellbeing issues or changes in routine
  • Automation features like temperature control, lighting, and security settings

ALARM: Front door opened after 7pm

ALARM: All activities normal today.

ALARM: Medicine cabinet not opened at 6:30am

Comfort and Convenience

Our All Secure Wellness Safety Solutions also provide comfort and convenience to seniors and senior care managers. We provide personalized solutions to fit the needs of each individual and organization, allowing seniors to enjoy their independence with peace of mind for them and their caregivers that safety is in place.