The Language of Door Hardware

Rim Exit Device

As a homeowner or property owner, you may have a need to replace a door or its components. This is not uncommon, especially in Colorado where drastic temperature changes can cause settling of foundations that in turn can cause sagging doors. You also may be considering replacing locking mechanisms with newer access control technology to improve…

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Spring Cleaning – Add A Security Check

Woman cleaning

As the spring season is upon us, a deep clean of our homes and businesses is often a ritual. Opening windows, shaking out rugs and turning on sprinkler systems should not be the only activities involved in your spring cleaning. Consider also doing a security check of your home.  Colorado seasonal shifts of cold to…

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Why Changing Home Locks When Moving Is Important

house keys

Imagine you are asleep in your bed and are awakened to the sound of a key opening the front door of your home. You sit straight up in bed on full alert, reaching for the baseball bat that lives under your bed. You slide on your slippers and robe to prepare to greet the unwanted…

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The Power Of Keyways

Keyway examples

Did you know that all of the different keys available are actually blank templates for the various locks available? Depending on what is being locked/unlocked could drive the brand of key used that is designed to match the keyway of the locking mechanism. A keyway is the slot or groove that the key matches and…

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Electronic Solutions For Securing Rental Property After A Move Out

Rental Property

Managing a residential rental property, multifamily complex or commercial office building has unique challenges, especially when a tenant decides to move out. Removing any belongings left behind, documenting any damage that may have occurred and securing the space once the renter has vacated the property are among the first steps to reclaiming the space to…

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DIY? DI Why Not.

Home monitoring and office security systems may seem a simple thing to install and maintain. All Secure Lock & Security does offer locks, alarm systems, wellness monitoring and more in the DIY space. However, as security professionals, we can state confidently that do-it-yourself options are not always all they seem to be. So how can…

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4 Solutions If You Lose Your Keys In The Snow

Every year we get a few calls from customers distraught because they were shoveling and dropped their keys in the snow while shoveling or out having fun. It can happen quickly and with some of our snowstorms equating to several inches of snow, keys are not always easily found. Some newer vehicles may have tracking…

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The Gift of Security – Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have loved ones in your family that are always a challenge when gift giving season rolls around? We all have family and friends who seem to have all that they need or want so when gifting occurs, we struggle to come up with a creative gift we know will be useful and that…

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5 Ways To Keep Vacation Rentals All Secure

We were talking to a woman recently who recounted a story about her high school friends who all lived in the Colorado Foothills. She told us about all of the vacation homes that were located near the schools and the communities where her friends resided. Many of the kids were aware of which homes were…

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Back To School? Review Your Home Security

The kids are headed back to in person learning. You are headed back to the office. Now is the time to review your home security needs, specifically as it relates to keeping kids safe after school as they return home. Home monitoring is just one consideration. Below are five items to consider as back-to-school activities…

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