Optimal Home Security Solutions with All Secure and Alarm.com

All Secure systems image

All Secure, in partnership with Alarm.com, offers state-of-the-art residential security systemsdesigned to protect your home comprehensively. Our solutions cater to homesafety, from intrusion prevention to environmental monitoring, ensuring that your family andproperty are safeguarded with the most advanced technology. Here’s a closer look athow our residential services can enhance the security and comfort of your…

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How to Catch Santa with Your Smart Home Security Camera

Every Christmas Eve, children around the world anxiously wait for Santa Claus to visit their homes and leave presents under the tree. But have you ever wondered what Santa really looks like? With the help of your smart home security camera and Alarm.com, you can catch Santa in the act and finally put an end…

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Does Your Safety Depend Upon An Outdated Security System?

Outdated Security Camera

In the modern world, security is more important than ever. As technology advances, so too do the threats associated with it. It’s important to ensure that your physical security systems are up-to-date and can protect your properties and employees from any malicious actors.  But how can you tell if yours needs updating? Let’s take a…

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All Secure Acquires Secure All Solutions

All Secure Lock Becomes All Secure

All Secure Lock and Security, located in Arvada CO, is proud to announce the purchase of Secure All Solutions of Centennial CO, expanding residential and commercial security offerings. We have hundreds of five star reviews on Google and can’t wait to share the differences that All Secure makes for our business owners, operators and home owners.…

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Centralize Your Security System With An Alarm Panel – A Comparison

Home and office security systems can become complex when one begins to add alarms, access control, video monitoring, emergency safeguards, energy management, or any of the vast awareness and security options available. Installing an alarm panel to centralize all aspects of security technology gives more control to homeowners and business owners. A great system can…

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The 5 A’s of Access Control

Access control systems can be highly effective at monitoring vendors, employees, and other visitors to your office, but only if a proper system is developed to use and maintain the technology. Ensure the best safety and most efficient protocols for your access control system by reviewing these five phases to access control procedures: authorization, authentication,…

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The Language of Door Hardware

Rim Exit Device

As a homeowner or property owner, you may have a need to replace a door or its components. This is not uncommon, especially in Colorado where drastic temperature changes can cause settling of foundations that in turn can cause sagging doors. You also may be considering replacing locking mechanisms with newer access control technology to improve…

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Spring Cleaning – Add A Security Check

Woman cleaning

As the spring season is upon us, a deep clean of our homes and businesses is often a ritual. Opening windows, shaking out rugs and turning on sprinkler systems should not be the only activities involved in your spring cleaning. Consider also doing a security check of your home.  Colorado seasonal shifts of cold to…

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Why Changing Home Locks When Moving Is Important

house keys

Imagine you are asleep in your bed and are awakened to the sound of a key opening the front door of your home. You sit straight up in bed on full alert, reaching for the baseball bat that lives under your bed. You slide on your slippers and robe to prepare to greet the unwanted…

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The Power Of Keyways

Keyway examples

Did you know that all of the different keys available are actually blank templates for the various locks available? Depending on what is being locked/unlocked could drive the brand of key used that is designed to match the keyway of the locking mechanism. A keyway is the slot or groove that the key matches and…

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