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Why Changing Home Locks When Moving Is Important

Imagine you are asleep in your bed and are awakened to the sound of a key opening the front door of your home. You sit straight up in bed on full alert, reaching for the baseball bat that lives under your bed. You slide on your slippers and robe to prepare to greet the unwanted visitor. You creep out of your bedroom and begin your descent down the stairs only to spy a young woman standing in your foyer with a confused look on her face. You yell down to her, “What do you want? Why are you in my home?!” The young woman is startled and replies, “Uncle Joe?” Your grip on the baseball bat lessens a bit as you continue down the stairs. “No,” you state. “No one named Joe lives here.” The young woman stammers, “I…I…I…I am so sorry. My Uncle Joe used to live here and gave me a spare key.” You quickly realize the previous occupants handed out a spare key to someone who now has access to your home. 

While this story is innocent enough, it could have turned out quite differently. The best way to avoid uninvited guests in your new home is to change out all of the locks when you first move in. This one step could save lives, property and peace of mind. At All Secure Lock and Security, we provide free audits to new home owners to identify potential areas that need additional security, like changing out locks and keys. We can even match keyways (LINK) to the old locks and just replace keys or swap out all of the hardware if needed to provide for single key access to all doors, electronic keyless solutions  and integrated security awareness programs

If you just moved into a new house or are planning to in the near future, be sure to all refer to our New Home Owner Checklist when considering your security needs. Then contact All Secure Lock and Security for a complimentary audit of your new home.