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Electronic Locks Residential – Stand Alone vs Connected – Which is best for your home?

Determining the best lock for your home will depend upon your desired level of security. Electronic locks for residential homes have several advantages, including the inability to duplicate keys or even provide for keyless entry. The two most common requests that we see for residential electronic locks are for stand alone systems and connected systems. Stand alone electronic residential locks are programmed at the door compared to connected electronic residential locks with remote access control and monitoring can tie into other security systems, like video surveillance and motion detection.

With electronic locks, the great news is that we lost the keys for you. You will never have to worry about misplaced keys or getting locked out again. Stand alone electronic lock systems are operated at the door directly. The lock has an electronic current that keeps the door locked until the current is disrupted, unlocking the mechanism. (The lock uses battery power to keep the door locked until the proper code is entered.) Electric deadbolts and keypad knob/levers are most common, providing for a higher level of security, more access control and easily set up codes for visitors. 

Connected electronic locks have all of the same benefits of a stand alone electronic lock with the bonus feature of being able to integrate into other home security systems. Connected electronic locks can allow for remote control, access logging, and automation features. For example, when a vacation rental is vacated and doors are left unlocked, automation through the home security system can lock doors, turned down temperatures, ensure garages are closed and more. 

A distinct advantage of electronic locks is if you own a vacation rental home. Integrating locking systems with AirBnB systems can automatically set up unique codes for renters assuring that the previous tenant no longer has access and your property is secure.

Lastly, do you have kids coming home from school while you are still at work? Electronic locks gives you the ability to set unique codes for kids coming home from school.  You will then be aware of what time your kids/spouse come home.  Pair this with a doorbell camera and see who it was that came home with your kid/spouse for added awareness. 

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