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10 Home Monitoring Ideas For An Easier Life

The summer months often leave older children at home alone during the workday. Parents can rest easy with home monitoring programs available at All Secure Lock & Security. Home monitoring can be affordable and comprehensive so you can have peace of mind that your home and family are under a watchful eye. 

Home security monitoring systems can provide immediate responses to any unusual activity, including smoke and carbon monoxide that may be in the air. Home security has many other advantages besides home safety. Below are ten reasons to install a home monitoring that can provide connectivity and convenience:

  1. Motion detection alarms – Video feeds can be triggered to record when motion is detected on property. Not only can this record any nefarious characters, but you may catch wildlife once in a while! 
  2. Weight change detection – Do you want to know if your elderly parent is still in bed or has fallen out of a chair? Weight detection devices are easily installed. 
  3. Doorbell cameras – Cameras can be placed just about anywhere, and your doorbell is an obvious and superior placement. Greet package handlers with instructions, say hi to the kids as they arrive home, let in the dog walker and more with doorbell cameras. 
  4. Mailbox notifications – Curious if your mail has delivered yet today? Or has mail theft been an issue? Mailboxes can be outfitted with alarm triggers and cameras to verify mail handlers and catch mail pirates red handed. 
  5. Two-way voice/cameras – Check on the inner working of your household and remind the kiddos chores need to be done all from the comfort of your work desk. No longer do you need to rely on a phone call reminder. Call up the kids on a two-way voice /camera system to check on them in real time. 
  6. Gate notifications – An alarm and camera can be triggered when a gate if open, closed and even left open. The camera can inform you about the culprit and you can remind them to close the gate, keeping Fido inside the yard. 
  7. Lawn care monitoring – Monitoring water usage for lawn maintenance can be critical, especially when you live in areas prone for draught, which can lead to high water bills. Create a responsible lawn watering program with zone monitoring that can be programmed to activate depending upon timing, weather conditions and plant types. 
  8. Liquor cabinet monitoring – Kids home alone can become curious. Make sure they do not go seeking trouble in your liquor cabinets. Add open and close monitors that can alert you when someone in the home is headed for an adult beverage. 
  9. Flood sensors – No one likes a flooded basement. Catch issues quickly before they rise to a level of being a big problem (see that pun!) Flood sensors along with valve automation can avoid costly basement remodeling needed due to water damage. 
  10. Garage door monitoring – How often do you drive away and wonder if you actually closed the garage door? Worry no longer with a garage door monitoring system where you can always know if the garage door is open or closed. 

These are just a few applications available to you for home monitoring from All Secure Lock & Security. Programs can be professionally monitored or self-monitored, depending upon your needs. For more ideas about how you can now monitor your home using the power of the internet, read Home Security with IoT, Will it Work? Then contact us for a complimentary assessment of your home to determine monitoring systems that will best fit your needs.

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