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Vacation Home Rentals – I Am Early!

Vacation rental homes are forecasted to grow in demand by over 8% in the next few years (Research and Markets, 2022). If you own one of these homes, investing in security programs is no longer an option but instead a necessity. Here is a story from the street we hope you never encounter. 

Bob (named changed to protect the innocent of course) recounted a time when he received an angry call from a new vacation rental tenant that his property was not clean and tidied in expectation of the arriving visitor. “This place is a mess, with dirty dishes and unmade beds! I came here to relax and now this?!” exclaimed Bob’s guest. 

Bob frantically began tracking down the property management company and cleaning company to get someone to rush over to the vacation home to deal with the issue. Bob had planned to meet some friends that night but instead found himself dealing with a pretty serious issue related to one of his income streams. The property management company called Bob back within a few minutes, reporting that the guest was actually one day early. To complicate the matter even more, the reason. The property was not yet cleaned because the previous tenants had not yet vacated! 

Bob eventually worked out the issue without lawsuits and a string of bad online reviews, but all could have been avoided with a remote access control system. As Bob researched how this scenario could have happened, he discovered that the lock box key system he had been using was how the arriving guest was able to access the property early. Bob now has a monitoring system in place that lets him know when the last tenant leaves. He has given the cleaning crew a specific access code, so he knows when they have completed their duties. Then he resets the PIN and texts this information to his next guest. 

If you own a vacation rental home, even if you have a great property management team, a quick review of safety and security options with All Secure Lock and Security is a great idea. We can review access control systems, video surveillance and energy management programs that can all be controlled and monitored remotely. We look forward to hearing from you!