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Spring Cleaning – Add A Security Check

As the spring season is upon us, a deep clean of our homes and businesses is often a ritual. Opening windows, shaking out rugs and turning on sprinkler systems should not be the only activities involved in your spring cleaning. Consider also doing a security check of your home. 

Colorado seasonal shifts of cold to warm weather can create foundational settling of our homes, causing some doors to no longer close correctly. If you are finding doors and gates that are problematic when closing and locking, it could be due to this settling phenomenon. Rarely is the issue from locks suddenly not lining up. Instead, poorly functioning doors are often caused from hinges that are no longer aligned correctly. All Secure Lock and Security can easily change out the hinges on your doors and realign the mechanisms to restore full functionality. 

Another great addition to your spring cleaning list is to clean and test all security equipment within the home. Clean camera lenses, access control pads, and lighting outlets. Test video feeds and security cameras to ensure all are working. Change out lightbulbs and batteries, including in your CO2 and smoke detectors. Check for overgrown plantings that could be obstructing security views and cut back if needed. Lastly, check that the garage door and locks are working properly. 

If you discover any issues with security protocols not working properly, contact All Secure Locks and Security in Arvada, CO. We are happy to come out and inspect your home security needs to make sure that you and your family stay All Secure! 

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