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Door Hinges – Continuous Versus Pin and Barrel

Not every door hinge is the same, especially when working in commercial buildings. Weight of the door, environment, framing and hardware currently in use all contribute to the decision for the right hinge. Two of the most common hinges used in commercial buildings are continuous hinges and pin and barrel hinges. The key is knowing when to use each application to protect entryways and keep maintenance to a minimum. 

Continuous hinges, or piano hinges, provide additional support to counterweight and settling issues. These hinges are made to attach to the full length of the door, distributing weight evenly, an important feature for heavy commercial doors. These are also excellent hinges for blast doors, fire doors, safes and vaults. If there are high traffic areas or oversized doors within the building, considering a continuous hinge will reduce the chance of sagging, foundational damage, proper sealing and wind protection. 

Pin and Barrel hinges are also well known, traditional hinges used on most doors. The continuous hinge is actually a pin and barrel hinge. The distinction comes in that traditional pin and barrel hinges are smaller with two to five per door versus a full-length hinge. The hinge has a centered pin with rolled knuckles surrounding the pin and connecting the two leaves (each side of the hinge). These hinges are used in everything from cabinetry to front doors. Light weight doors are easily hung using a three or five knuckle hinge option.

Regardless of the hinge of choice, All Secure Lock and Security specializes in door installations and door hinge replacements. If you have a door that does not open or close easily, contact us. It could be your hinges. 

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