Office Security 2.0

Office security continues to evolve with every business now needing some level of protection. One primary reason to invest in office security software and hardware is for the protection of premise and employees from danger, vandalism and theft. The first step in this process is to invite in a security specialist to review current programs and provide recommendations on how to improve the safety and security of your office.

There are a few keys areas that need to be reviewed when analyzing office security (Inc. Magazine, n.d.). The physical layout of an office should have clear lines of sight with open areas to easily move through. Windows should have security systems that include exit devices, monitoring, and remote locking mechanisms. Hallways should be well lit with mirrors installed on corners to easily spot anyone who may be lurking. Doors, one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades to any security systems, can include key card systems, upgraded hinges, locks, alarm systems and even biometric integrations to ensure only approved people are on site.

Technology can also enhance office security by offering video surveillance and monitoring to internal and external locations. Advances in access control systems can help centralize entrance and exit locations and monitor admittance of personnel using electronic key readers, retina scanners and/or fingerprints. Onsite cameras can snap pictures of visitors, license plates, and delivery vehicles. Alarm systems can be installed to sound off loudly to scare of intruders or silently to trigger a police presence. Audio and video can be activated by noise and/or movement and be monitored remotely.

Regardless of how advanced your current security programs have become, a review by one of our certified security professionals can give you peace of mind that your office space is All Secure. Contact us to setup a complimentary walk through of your commercial property.   


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