DIY? DI Why Not.

Home monitoring and office security systems may seem a simple thing to install and maintain. All Secure Lock & Security does offer locks, alarm systems, wellness monitoring and more in the DIY space. However, as security professionals, we can state confidently that do-it-yourself options are not always all they seem to be. So how can you know which is the best option for you? 

The first question to ask yourself is if you will need continuous monitoring with emergency services available at the ready. Often, commercial spaces, office complex and multi-family housing require 24-hour surveillance to ensure safety, reduce break ins and record on a continuous loop to capture every moment of on-site activity. If constant monitoring with first responder services are not required or out of budget, a DIY system could provide the peace of mind desired. 

The second question is around installation of security and awareness systems, like video cameras, video doorbells, smart home technology and wellness monitoring. Many DIY options are easy enough to manage from your cell phone but may have some challenges when trying to install and incorporate with both the home/office and with each other. Working with a professional installation group (like All Secure Lock & Security) means installation is done correctly and safely. 

Lastly, one offering often not considered in a DIY scenario is the fact that many people piece together equipment from various manufacturers to monitor their homes and offices. Professional installers and security companies can provide walk through audits to identify areas of the home or commercial space that may be more vulnerable to theft or break ins. They can also help identify in-home monitoring needs when keeping an eye on aging parents or kids home alone after school. Often, professionals can then recommend security kits and custom configurations to meet the specific needs of the family or business.

With or without monitoring services, do-it-yourself security options can be a viable option for a homeowner or business. However, consider all of the facets of your desired security and monitoring system by talking with one of our professional security specialists before making any purchases. We might save you time, money and the headaches that can go along with a security system that is not optimally functional. 

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