Financing Your Security System

As businesses grow and expand, security can be an afterthought from the business plan. We hear all too often that an organization realizes it needs to upgrade access control, add video monitoring, install better security doors, and maybe even consider new lock down strategies. Funding projects like the installation of a comprehensive security program can…

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Centralize Your Security System With An Alarm Panel – A Comparison

Home and office security systems can become complex when one begins to add alarms, access control, video monitoring, emergency safeguards, energy management, or any of the vast awareness and security options available. Installing an alarm panel to centralize all aspects of security technology gives more control to homeowners and business owners. A great system can…

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Recover Stolen Vehicle? How A Locksmith Can Help

car theft

With the rash of auto thefts occurring in Colorado recently, we have seen an uptick in requests to help people who have recovered stolen vehicles rekey their cars. A simple creation of a new key is not enough, however, to secure your vehicle properly in the event of a recovery. Here are three ideas to…

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The 5 A’s of Access Control

Access control systems can be highly effective at monitoring vendors, employees, and other visitors to your office, but only if a proper system is developed to use and maintain the technology. Ensure the best safety and most efficient protocols for your access control system by reviewing these five phases to access control procedures: authorization, authentication,…

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Access Control Systems Revolutionizes Physical Work Spaces

Access control

Access control systems used to be designed to keep bad guys out. With new technology adoption, access control systems can now also provide flexible and hybrid workspaces, track activity and movement, and even control resource allocation and use. Access control systems can now cater to a fluid, remote workforce and employers who wish to keep…

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Help kids start their school year strong! 

Giving back to our community is close to our hearts at All Secure Lock & Security. Each year we help support A Precious Child’s Fill A Backpack Program by collecting school supplies that go to children in need. We are a drop off location for backpacks and school supplies this year in collaboration with Kathryn…

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Vacation Home Rentals – I Am Early!

vacation rental door

Vacation rental homes are forecasted to grow in demand by over 8% in the next few years (Research and Markets, 2022). If you own one of these homes, investing in security programs is no longer an option but instead a necessity. Here is a story from the street we hope you never encounter.  Bob (named…

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The Language of Door Hardware

Rim Exit Device

As a homeowner or property owner, you may have a need to replace a door or its components. This is not uncommon, especially in Colorado where drastic temperature changes can cause settling of foundations that in turn can cause sagging doors. You also may be considering replacing locking mechanisms with newer access control technology to improve…

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Exit Devices For Commercial Doors

3- Vertical Rod Exit Device

Exit devices, or more commonly known panic bars or push bars, enable people to open doors easily in the event of an emergency. Exit devices are operated from inside of the door where a bar is pushed to retract the latch and open the door. They are designed to allow people to move quickly through…

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