My Keycard Does What?

Key card technology is an excellent commercial access control solution. A key card, simply defined, is a remote control device with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip and an antenna that communicates with another RFID chip. One of the uses of this technology is to signal an arming or disarming of a security system. A keycard access control system has many advantages when in use for commercial property security needs. Here are a few of our favorite benefits:

  1. Maintains security and controls access. A building is easily locked down even remotely to maintain a secure environment when using keycards for entry. A company can also control who can come and go from buildings to maintain security. One example we recently heard was in one of our local colleges that used keycard activations as a means to reduce the spread of COVID19. If a student or teacher had not presented a vaccination or negative test result, the keycard was deactivated, limiting the ability for people who may be carriers to access campus buildings.
  2. Reduces the threat of a lost or stolen key. A past disgruntled employee may have kept a spare to return to the office after termination for potential nefarious acts. No more changing locks or concern for increased theft potential when you can simply turn off the keycard.
  3. Tracks staff and visitor activity. Many of our small business owners like this option because they can determine when employees arrive and leave. Keycards can also log guests, vendors and other visitor arrivals and departures to ensure security, meet compliance needs, or even trigger a controlled visitor experience.
  4. Grows with your security needs. A keycard access system can include one card to hundreds and can be applied to multiple locations using one system. As your commercial property acquisition grows, the keycard system can accommodate.
  5. Integrates with other systems. As mentioned above, one application of keycard access control integrated with other technology is to use the system to trigger a visitor experience. The keycard swipe activates a notification system for the visitor to be greeted for example. Other system integrations can include the creation of a formal visitor log. Keycards can also be integrated with intrusion, cameras and fire alarm systems, giving the user the ability to manage multiple programs from a single panel.

If keycard access control systems are a fit for your commercial property, multifamily housing complex, school, church or any other highly trafficked building, stop in to talk to one of our security specialists. Our number one mission is to keep you All Secure.