What is the one “must-have” product in your home for security?

Many people ask us what the one thing we recommend most for home security is, and it’s an easy answer: a safe. But not just any safe, a secure safe. You might think that’s an obvious and unnecessary stipulation and that safes are, by definition, secure. But unfortunately, that’s far from the truth.

A safe is the No. 1 key to protecting all of your valuables, from the smallest family heirloom ring, to a hunting rifle, so you need a safe that will protect those valuables from any danger, including theft and fire. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that not all safes are created equal. We would never recommend that you by a safe from your local big box store, and it’s not just because we want you to bring your business to us. (Although we wouldn’t complain if you did!)

Big box stores sell common safe brands such as Sentry, which can be pried open fairly easily and are made with plastic — yes, you read that right, plastic! I think it’s fair to assume that you are like me and do not want your safe to be broken into or melted in a fire. Reviews of Sentry safes include stories like “The house was broken into and the safe was opened using a hammer. Everything is gone!!! Thieves broke into Sentry safe stole everything. They use pry bars on the door separated the door broke the welds from the inner door and bent the lock mechanism to open.” Another review says, “The chest was dropped onto a thickly carpeted floor from a height of about 4 feet: the locked top popped right off! On examination, we discovered that though the locked latch held, the hinge had broken.”

At All Secure Lock & Security, we are proud to offer only the best safes in the industry, which come from American Security.

American Security safes can withstand fires of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours and have an Underwriter’ Laboratory (U.L.) rating of Class 350°F-two hour. This means that at temperatures as high as 1850 degrees for up to two hours (The average house fire burns at a temperature of 1200 degrees.), the temperature inside the safe doesn’t exceed 350 degrees. That may seem like a high temperature, but even paper requires a temperature of 405 degrees to char.

American Security safes are also tested for their ability to withstand falls and can handle a 30-foot drop onto concrete, the equivalent of falling through a two-story burning building.

And in American Security safes, you won’t find plastic! Instead, valuables are protected behind a 3.5-inch recessed door with a 5/8-inch thick front and the hinges are made of heavy-duty steel.

To top this all off, American Security offers the best warranty in the business: one year on parts and labor and lifetime fire.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of an American Security safe and the variety of safes we offer, give us a call or stop in to our shop and we’ll be happy to help you get your valuables protected!