Use Your Smartphone to Keep Your Home Secure And Your Family Safe

Where is your phone right now? In your pocket? Beside your computer? Chances are, it’s close enough for you to grab from where you are, and that you feel like it has your whole life on it. Your contacts? Your GPS? Your calendar? Your to-do list? Your photos? It’s all there. Did you know that you can also literally control your house with your smartphone — from anywhere in the world?

That’s what security automation is about. Not only is it the most convenient way to secure your home, but — bonus! — you’ll probably feel a little like Tony Stark with it too.

With home automation, you can control nearly any device in your home, such as lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems, and sprinklers. Your alarm system and even your doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors and surveillance cameras can be managed. You can manage anything with a sensor linked to it!

At All Secure Lock and Security, we see home automation as being broken down into four parts:

  1. Security System: Your security system is connected to Central Station, which will call the appropriate authorities when necessary. Automation of your security system also allows you to arm or disarm it remotely and view and bypass sensors. Your security system can include sensors for doors, windows, motion, glass breaking, the doorbell, carbon monoxide, or smoke, heat or freezing. Smoke, carbon monoxide and water sensors work with your security system to help you act fast and keep your family safe.
  2. Video Monitoring: Through video monitoring, you can see what’s happening at your home in real time, get instant alerts and never miss a moment with continuous recording. See exactly what is happening when an alarm is triggered. You can also set custom alerts for the activities you want to know about, such as a car pulling into the driveway, the front door opening, when motion is detected or a package is delivered.
  3. Access: Most of us have left home and second-guessed whether we left the garage door open or a door unlocked. But with a home automation system, you have complete control over your home’s access points, which means worrying about locked doors and open garages is a thing of the past. With home automation, you can receive an alert if you left home and didn’t close the garage door or if someone uses their entry code. You can even receive a no-show alert when your kids aren’t home by a certain time. You can also set unique user codes that are only valid during a specific period of time. This is great for those people who need access to your house when you aren’t there, but who you don’t want to give the master access code to, such as a house cleaner or babysitter.
  4. Energy Management: Saving energy is on a lot of homeowners’ minds these days, and home automation is the easiest way to take the guesswork out of it and effectively save energy. It lets your home work for you and control your thermostat based on location, activity and even the weather. You can even set location-based rules so that your thermostat can dial down to an energy-saving temperature when you leave, and begin re-adjusting to the perfect temperature when it senses that you’re on the way home.

If you’re interested in learning about the latest (and dare we say, coolest) technologies to keep your business or home secure and your family safe, give All Secure Lock & Security a call at 303-667-2736 or visit our store in Arvada, Colorado.