The Four Principles of Physical Security Every Business Owner Should Know

Physical security is an important aspect of protecting your business and should be taken seriously. Physical security deals with the protection of personnel, physical assets, and information from intruders accessing them without any authorization. In this article, we will discuss the four main principles of physical security that every business owner should know.


The first type of physical security is deterrence. This type is used to discourage intruders from attempting any unauthorized access by putting visible security measures in place. These measures include security cameras, security alarms, visible security personnel such as guards, and signage that warns of security measures. When potential intruders see these types of security measures, it makes them think twice about trying to get into your business. Therefore, deterrence is an effective way of protecting your business from physical security attacks.


The second type of physical security is detection. Detection is used to identify potential intruders before they gain access to your business. This type of security requires the installation of door alarms, motion sensors, and other forms of detection devices. These detection devices alert security personnel or business owners of potential intruders and they can quickly take action to prevent access. With detection systems in place, you can detect potential security threats before they cause harm to your business.


The third type of physical security is delay. This type of security is used to slow down any intruders who have bypassed the deterrence and detection systems. This could include keypad entry systems or door locks that are difficult to break. Delaying the intruder gives security personnel or law enforcement more time to respond. This extra time might be all that is needed to stop the intruder from gaining access to your business.


The fourth type of physical security is response. Response is the final line of defense in your physical security system. This type of security is used after an intruder has gained access to your business. You need to respond quickly with trained security personnel (like calling the police) and a clear plan of how to deal with the intruder. This plan should include procedures for evacuating employees and coordinating with law enforcement. A well-trained security team can make the difference between a managed crisis and a potential disaster. Even if you do not have a dedicated security team, discussing response to security threats with all employees should be a regular occurrence.


Physical security must be an essential part of your business’s security plan. Keep your personnel, physical assets, and information safe and secure by following the four main types of physical security: deter, detect, delay, and respond. Implementing these 4 types of physical security will help you protect your business from potential physical attacks. It is always best for you as a business owner to be prepared in case of any physical threats. If you are not sure you have covered all four of these areas, contact us at All Secure. We can review the various methods to help you attain the physical security you desire using this system.



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