dad and kids at pool

Pool and Gate Safety – A Quick Check Can Save A Life

Change in seasons means backyard and pool activities will begin to emerge. Multi-family housing and many single-family homes have pools and other outdoor recreational areas that may require safety and security checks. A quick check of fences and gates can give can reduce liability risk to the property owner. Inspect the following areas as you open pools for the season. 

  1. Check doors and gates from proper closing. If gates are sagging or misaligned, replace hinges to restore proper function.
  2. Add in door closers to ensure that gates self-close behind guests automatically to help keep out unwanted guests. 
  3. Check gate locks are engaging properly so young ones do not accidentally wander into pool areas and drown. 
  4. Check for rusting on outdoor fixtures, fencing and gates for both durability and aesthetics.
  5. Check anchors and fence posts to ensure all are solidly placed and not wobbly.
  6. Check for gaps in fencing where young ones or critters may be able to crawl under or through to access the pool area. 
  7. Consider new access control systems for pools and private back yard areas to improve security. Our previous blog on pool safety reviews these options.
  8. Check stock for key cards, access control codes, and other inventory items needed to get new and existing tenants access to the pool and other secured outdoor areas.

As you get your pool and outdoor recreation areas open for the season, keep All Secure Lock and Security in mind for a complimentary walk through and audit. We are here to keep you All Secure!