Push button door opener

Open Sesame! Auto Door Operators

Automatic door openers can be handy additions to any business that has high traffic levels or desire touchless door opening options. Automatic openers are used on residential and commercial doors to provide assistance for opening the entrance/exit. These door openers allow entrance and exit without physically handling the door. Automatic door openers can also be integrated with other technologies, like alarm and access control systems. There are two main types: push button and approach sensor.

The push button automatic door opener is an automatic opener that is triggered when a visitor pushes a button, usually used for easy access by a handicapped individual. The push button automatic door opener is an easy way to meet ADA requirements, provide energy savings by eliminating doors left open, and have very low maintenance costs if installed properly. 

The motion detector automatic door opener is triggered when a visitor nears the doorway, like what you might see at a grocery store or other commercial establishments. The motion detector door opener has similar advantages to a push button with an added benefit of no touch contact for entrance/exit. These door openers also allow for the person using the door to have their hands full. Touchless or wave options are also available with doors opening “Auto-Magically” for motion detection (rather than the mats you walk on to open the door). 

Couple motion detection with other security systems like video monitoring and visitor notifications and motion detector auto door openers can provide for an additional layer of safety.

If you are considering adding in automatic door openers to your business, All Secure Lock and Security can help. We can install the technology, hang the door, integrate with other security systems and have your people coming and going easily in no time! Contact us to discuss the best options for your business.