Navigating the Security Compliance Needs for Cannabis Businesses in Colorado in 2023

Operating a cannabis business in Colorado comes with regulatory requirements that cover every aspect of the operations to ensure that patients and customers are safe, and the industry remains compliant with state legislation. Among the requirements, the state has established strict security protocols to prevent theft, diversion, and illicit market activities. With the industry poised to grow exponentially, the state has reviewed its security regulations to accommodate the changing needs of cannabis businesses. In this post, we’ll discuss the security compliance needs for cannabis businesses in Colorado in 2023. This guide is intended to equip business owners, CEOs, and operational leaders with all they need to know about staying compliant with state-mandated security requirements.

Required Security Systems

As per the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), all licensed businesses must have a comprehensive security system in place to protect the premises and regulate inventory, transportation, and transactions. In 2023, the state has updated these security systems requirements. For instance, companies are required to have sophisticated access control systems that can monitor and track every person entering the premises, including employees and approved contractors. Additionally, businesses must have updated video surveillance systems that provide real-time video feeds that cover every part of the facility.

Transportation Security Compliance

Cannabis businesses must follow strict transportation regulations to prevent theft and diversion. The 2023 laws require businesses to use compliant, secure, and verifiable delivery and transportation methods to transport marijuana. For instance, all vehicles transporting marijuana must have security systems fitted with GPS tracking systems that notify the MED of the movement at designated waypoint intervals. We also recommend dashboard cameras to record both front and back sides of the vehicle

Physical Premise Security

The 2023 security requirements demand that cannabis businesses ensure all points of potential entry into the business are hardened against penetration. All doors, windows, and vents must have adequate and tamper-evident locks or blockers. Equally, the premises must have adequate security lighting that provides sufficient illumination to capture on video medium and long-range footage.

Internal Controls & Compliance Checks

The regulatory landscape for cannabis businesses requires a thorough internal compliance check to ensure that the company is meeting regulatory and legal requirements. Businesses are expected to enforce protocols such as independent system checks and immediate reporting mechanisms in the event of non-compliance. For more information about compliance checks best practices, review the standards set forth by the MED.

In summary, Colorado has updated its cannabis security compliance requirements to ensure that the state’s cannabis industry remains compliant and delivers superior quality products and services to customers. In 2023, cannabis businesses will need to meet more stringent requirements for access control, transportation security, premise security, and internal compliance checks. By remaining up to date with the latest security requirements and deploying robust security systems, cannabis businesses can satisfy state regulators and customers alike, paving the way for long-term growth and profitability. If your cannabis organization needs an excellent, high quality physical security service provider, contact us at All Secure. We have a number of cannabis businesses that we are already helping to protect and would love to add your company to the All Secure family.