My Amazing Factory Tour Experience with AssaAbloy

I recently had the amazing opportunity to take a factory tour with one of our vendor-partners, AssaAbloy, a company that specializes in mechanical and digital locks, security doors, and automated entrances. As a child, the smell of coolant and two-stroke oil always brought nostalgic memories for me, so visiting the factory felt like a trip back home. During the tour, I learned about the impressive picking system, the integration of people, robots, and machines, and the attention to detail of every stage of the manufacturing process. From building mortis cassettes, exit devices, to pinning complex master key systems in mass, it was an impressive start-to-finish process that I will never forget.

One of the most interesting parts of the tour for me was the picking system. This system ensures that all manual labor is done safely, ergonomically, and efficiently. As I watched the robots and machines work together seamlessly, I couldn’t help but think how much easier and safer this process has become compared to traditional methods. The machines picked up a part from a pile, oriented it correctly, aligned it with other pieces, screwed it into a part, and then riveted the assembly. Once completed, the parts were put onto a conveyor belt to be moved to the next phase of product delivery.

Learning about the manufacturing process was also eye-opening. They showed us how they build everything from scratch with the help of both humans and machines. Once the keys were finished and the locks were assembled, they were tested by humans to ensure quality and that they truly worked. It was impressive to see the care and attention they put into each product.

As we toured the factory floor, we saw various people and machines working on different stages of the production process. From robots building boxes to tooling product development, every aspect of the factory was efficient and well organized. They had automated delivery systems, making sure products were constantly moving from one station to another. The level of detail they put into every aspect of their manufacturing process was awe-inspiring.

Overall, my experience on the factory tour with AssaAbloy was unforgettable. From the impressive picking system to their attention to detail, it was clear to me that this company has continuously invested in their manufacturing process to ensure optimal efficiency and high-quality products. As a result, I feel more confident in recommending their products to my All Secure customers and sharing my newfound knowledge with them. Thank you, AssaAbloy, for an amazing and educational experience!