Home Security with IoT, Will it Work?

By Shailee Sheth    

Internet of Things is becoming a trend in many of the big cities and creating lots of revolutionary effects! The internet is providing us an opportunity to be updated tremendously with the idea that all the home devices, as well as groceries, can be connected to the web! That was a scenario we could never imagine, though it is happening in some amazing manner now.

IoT can become ‘Home-owners’ in the near future! The technology is growing fast and becoming extraordinary each day. We are experiencing fewer break-ins, thefts, home disasters and it will not be wrong if we give credit to the different technologies of home security with Internet of Things.

IoT can be a global nervous system, and can take care of even the smallest activities like living, moving or shopping! It can be useful to the individual, developer, adapter, and so everyone! Moreover, people with all the age groups can easily use this technology for their day to day activities. IoT will surely extend the boundaries of all the current systems and our home securities.

First of all, let’s get a brief idea about IoT

IoT is the networking of smart & inter-connected physical devices. The IoT gives the opportunity to sense the objects and control them entirely within existing network area! Advanced connectivity of devices and all the systems, as well as services, must be inter-connected with the advanced connectivity and sensors – that is the main idea of IoT! It is one of the initiatives for today’s smart cities and energy management system.

All personal items such as mobile phones, wrist watches, spectacles, laptops, etc. as well as your favorite food items or the groceries like soft drinks, flour, water bottles, chips, etc. and household items like televisions, cameras, microwaves, machines, light bulbs, etc. all can be covered under IoT. Imagine, you can even take care of your animals, servers, or even park equipment! You just name it, and you can include that thing under Internet of Things!

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These capabilities include,

  • Communication & Cooperation
  • Addressability
  • Actuation
  • Identification
  • Localization
  • Sensing
  • User Interfaces
  • Embedded Information Processing

There are mainly 4 aspects of IoT related to home security

  1. RFID which can identify and track the data of things. For example; your opening/shutting doors.
  2. Sensors which helps to collect and process the data to detect the changes in the physical status of things or the human beings living in the house.
  3. Smart Tech is there to enhance the power of the network by devolving processing capabilities to different part of the network.
  4. The technology called ‘Nano tech’ makes the smaller things capable enough to connect and interact, like a simple packet of biscuit or bread or cheese.

Advantages of IoT accordance to home

  • Your smartphone can be used as your ‘Sensing Assistant,’ and you can get everything on your device, whether you need groceries or your cat is creating mess in your house, you will get the notification.
  • No need for security cameras as each and every movement you can sense because of the sensors.
  • Crime, or the chances of theft reduces because of the quick alarm systems and inter connectivity notifications.
  • Remembering names and taking photos are easily adaptable.
  • You can find old receipts of your house bills in just a few seconds as everything is stored.
  • You can get improved performance because of the fast technological aspects.
  • Create innovative services like health care, transit, parking, waste management, etc. with the reduced cost and new revenue stream.

The base of Internet of Things in the smart systems of the house

  1. Sensors and actuators to sense regarding Digital Nervous System.
  2. All such inputs are digitized & because of connectivity, they placed onto networks and so you can get notifications on time.
  3. All networked inputs can then be combined with integrated data, people, processes and systems for fast and better decision making.

Let’s take an example:

If you have a family member who needs supervision,  and he is all alone at home, but there are home sensors attached everywhere, then you don’t need to worry much. If any kind of abnormal activities are detected, just because of the sensors, the alerts are automatically sent to the hospital or some health care services and to you!

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All the wireless sensors throughout his house help measure healthy activity levels, his sleeping or eating patterns, and medication schedules.

Just like this, you can keep a watch on your children as well as pets or animals.

Apart from home, there are some future aspects which might be solved by IoT:

  • Traffic Issues
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailing market
  • Daily life and routine
  • Resource & power control

But yes, as every coin has 2 sides. IoT is also a debatable matter! ‘Internet of Things’ some logical and fundamental challenges which are as under:

Challenges of IoT

  • Fault Tolerance
  • Privacy issues, especially in banks, homes, etc.
  • Environmental Impact
  • Scalability is not decided. It can vary place to place or product to product
  • Technological Standardization
  • Illiterate people can experience some software complexity
  • Data volumes and Interpretation can be different person to person
  • Power supply is a major risk
  • Interaction & short range communication
  • If the wireless communication is not flawless, then there can be an issue
  • Influences human moral decision making
  • Technological standardization in most areas are still remain fragmented
  • Managing and fostering rapid innovation is a challenge for governments
  • Absence of governance can create chaos


I have mentioned few pros and cons, but by considering our future aspects, I think this will be the best innovation for our home securities. You can save some resources and money by adopting Internet of Things. You can even save your energy and keep a watch on your pets as well children or elders when you are away from home. You can turn any of your electronic devices on or off whenever you want and from wherever you are! Moreover, the notifications can come on your smartphone about each and everything!

By Shailee Sheth

Shailee is tech freak, a translator, and an aspiring writer. She mainly writes about technology trends, IoT, and gadget reviews. She has a wide interest in inventions and innovations. She is a freelancer at Bestoninternet. You can also connect with her on Facebook.

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