Flex IO – Secured Everywhere

Does your shop have tools that readily disappear? Or do you have a fleet where areas of the truck should always remain locked except during delivery? Or perhaps the gate to your equipment yard is left open too frequently. There are any number of reasons an area should be monitored, but systems like keycard access control or RFID tagging are just not enough. Enter the latest technology in security sensors, Flex IO. 

Flex IO is a security sensor system that can be installed anywhere with virtually no range limitations. Flex IO allows for easy monitoring of activity in areas that were previously hard to watch. Weatherproof, wireless, and cellular enabled, this technology can monitor assets and valuables anywhere within cell phone range. No longer do you need long run wiring or other expensive installation procedures. Flex IO is easily installed, low cost, and flexible in use. 

If your organization, business, or even home could use a Flex IO system to monitor activity, contact All Secure Lock and Security. Our systems can be used in stand-alone scenarios or fully integrated into other security programs. Contact us today for details about this system. We look forward to keeping you All Secure!