Rental Property

Electronic Solutions For Securing Rental Property After A Move Out

Managing a residential rental property, multifamily complex or commercial office building has unique challenges, especially when a tenant decides to move out. Removing any belongings left behind, documenting any damage that may have occurred and securing the space once the renter has vacated the property are among the first steps to reclaiming the space to prepare for the next tenant. Since security is our business, let’s discuss ways to secure the space using modern technology to help save time and money when managing a rental property. 

Restricted Key Systems

It is customary for a renter to return keys upon a move out. A returned key does not necessarily mean a secured space. Duplicates and spare copies could have easily been created, even if you do have “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on the key. Changing out (Rekeying) locks seems like a simple answer. Over time, rekey costs can begin to add up. If a rekey is in your future, we recommend switching to a more secure lock with a restricted key system where duplicates can only be made by an authorized dealer.   Our favorites here are Medeco and Primus.

Keyless Entry 

Not all rental spaces require a lock and key for a tenant. Many commercial buildings, schools, hotels, and retail operations can easily convert to a keyless entry system using key fobs, entry key cards and punch code technology. Key fobs, cards and codes can be specific to each organization or person and deactivated when a lease is terminated. As new tenants move in, they can rest peacefully knowing multiple duplicate keys are not circulating. 

Smart Locks

The latest lock technology includes smart locks that can be operated using Wi-Fi connections, locking and unlocking doors from a smartphone application. This can be a great option for landlords that receive lock out calls often. No longer will they need to appear at the door to save a locked-out tenant. They can bring up the app and unlock the door remotely. Codes can also be easily changed when a move out occurs.  These also connect with AirBnB platform to automatically set up new codes for tenants and remove codes when they vacate. Be cautious with this option as not all Smart Locks area created equal.  Make sure that the platform you choose is protected from hackers and malware. 

Regardless of the technology you choose for your multifamily apartment complex or other rental properties, All Secure Lock & Security can help. Contact us for a complimentary walk-through audit for property managers. We are happy to share these and other solutions to keep your properties All Secure!