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Commercial Security Cameras – Pan Tilt Zoom or License Plate, Which Is The Best Solution?

Keeping a watchful eye on your commercial building is a great modern day security practice to reduce theft and property damage. Monitoring of your business can also give employees a sense of security, create a higher level of accountability, and boost productivity. There are several options on the market for security cameras and surveillance equipment. Keeping an eye on property, documenting incidents and tracking visitors through their stay are common reasons to install cameras in your home or office. Two of our favorites are the Pan Tilt Zoom camera and the License Plate camera. 

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras make it easy to monitor a large area with a single camera. PTZs allow for rapid panning of a room, full 360-degree rotation and zooming capabilities to hone in on any questionable activity. A security guard, company owner, or homeowner can operate these cameras remotely, set motion detector triggers, and integrate fully into most security systems. 

License Plate Cameras

License Plate cameras are motion activated cameras often mounted to the outside of buildings that record 24/7 and have the digital power to capture license plate numbers, type of vehicle, and even color of a vehicle when it is traveling up to 75 miles per hour and up to 75 feet away. These powerful cameras are a must have to any building security system. 

If you are considering installing video cameras for monitoring your business, contact All Secure Lock & Security for a complimentary walk through and system recommendation. You do your business, we will keep you All Secure! 

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