Centralize Your Security System With An Alarm Panel – A Comparison

Home and office security systems can become complex when one begins to add alarms, access control, video monitoring, emergency safeguards, energy management, or any of the vast awareness and security options available. Installing an alarm panel to centralize all aspects of security technology gives more control to homeowners and business owners. A great system can trigger alarms to emergency services, provide for remote lock downs, send visitor notifications to security personnel and so much more. Two of our favorites for comparison are 2GIG and Qolsys.

2GIG Alarm Panels

2GIG security alarm panels provide for a self-contained security system that is affordable and easy to use. An excellent option for most homeowners, this program allows you to view cameras remotely, control lighting, temperature, garage doors and even some appliances. Two-way voice speakers are also built in to offer a communication tool to those inside of the home or office to the person overseeing security.

Qolsys Alarm Panels

Qolsys security alarm panels are also wireless security systems that can centralize home or office needs. This system provides for remote access, camera viewing, and smart home technologies, like temperature controls and access control tracking. The Qolsys systems can be an upgrade from the 2GIG systems as more users can be listed, built in motion detectors exist, facial recognition features and other biometric programming can be requested, and live streaming options are available. If a more sophisticated security alarm panel is needed, the Qolsys system is a great choice.

If you are in the market exploring options to centralize security system controls, stop in or call All Secure Lock & Security. Our expert Electronic Security Specialists are ready to answer questions and provide insights for you to make a great decision.