Being ‘All Secure’ Means Having Peace of Mind

We don’t just sell locks.

We sell security and peace of mind.

Over the last 13 years of being in the lock and security business, I’ve heard over and over again that locks only keep the honest people out and there is always another way in. It’s very true that a burglar could just break a window or, if he’s skilled, could simply pick the lock open. But let’s be real here: it’s not the honest people that we are trying to keep out; it’s the people who have no issue with breaking your window to get into your home.

So why do we have locks then? Because if the burglar has no issue breaking your window, don’t you think he’ll try the door first to see if he gets lucky and doesn’t have to make all that extra noise and attract attention? This is why we don’t just sell locks — we sell security and peace of mind. We do this by offering a full security portfolio.

Our alarm systems will call authorities in the event of a security breach, cameras will catch the thief in action and can help prosecute them, and our safes will make sure that your most valuable items don’t end up in the wrong hands. Each of these pieces individually don’t provide much security, however when they all work together, you will be All Secure.

Now your peace of mind extends beyond someone breaking in and intending to do harm to your home or family. It’s also the peace of mind that your children made it home safely, your package has arrived and is sitting on your porch, or that the dog walker actually walked the dog. With our security portfolio, you can be alerted as the locks are unlocked or the alarm is disarmed and even see your kids walk in the door.

Come see us today and check out our security portfolio options that meet the needs of your family, because locks only keep you a little secure, and you want to be All Secure!