Back To School? Review Your Home Security

The kids are headed back to in person learning. You are headed back to the office. Now is the time to review your home security needs, specifically as it relates to keeping kids safe after school as they return home. Home monitoring is just one consideration. Below are five items to consider as back-to-school activities begin (Alert 360, 2015).

  1. Schedule an install/inspection of video cameras that monitor doors, windows and garages to make sure they are functional and in top working order.
  2. Review with your children trusted neighbors they can turn to if you cannot be found immediately.
  3. Share home security systems with your children so they know how set an alarm, how to handle if the alarm is accidentally set off and how the alarm system helps to protect them.
  4. Gather and post emergency phone numbers, like police, hospital, veterinarian, etc. for easy access to call for help if needed. 911 should be included and explained how to use appropriately.
  5. Install video doorbells, two-way communication devices and keyless entry technologies to easily see anyone who approaches or enters the home. Internal cameras and communication tools can also help monitor those chores being done after school.

If you are not sure if your home is ready to provide an All Secure environment for your kiddos as they return to school, contact us for a complimentary review of your home’s security program. We want everyone to be safe and secure this year as we begin to return to our everyday lives.


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