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7 Tips For Fire Door Inspections – We Are Now Certified!

Keeping fire doors functioning and maintained requires attention to ensure that your employees, tenants and other occupants are within a safe environment. All Secure is certified to provide fire door inspections to safeguard your facilities egress, smoke and swinging fire doors. The National Fire Protection Association (2019) publishes the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Openings Protectives (NFPA 80) to regulate the proper installation and maintenance for all of the devices that protect openings in ceilings, walls and floors from spreading fire and smoke. This offering by All Secure is based upon these guidelines. Below are seven inspection points to consider when reviewing your fire door inspection protocols (Kelton, n.d.). 

  1. Fire doors must be inspected annually. 
  2. Check door for clean, intact and readable fire labels.
  3. Check alignment of door, latches, hinges, non-combustible framing, and other hardware for proper working order.
  4. Test self-closing devices for wear and tear, making sure when door is completely opened, the self-closing device closes the door and latches completely. 
  5. Check latches when the door is in closed position for to inspect for secure latch connections.
  6. Check all exit signs are well lit.
  7. Verify that all fire doors fit tightly with proper suction

The above list is not a complete inspection list, just some general places to begin with an inspection of fire doors. The key to any great inspection program is to partner with a qualified, experienced and certified fire door inspector. All Secure has been installing, inspecting and maintaining security products since 2003 and is excited to add this new service to our offerings. Contact us today to add this new inspection protocol to your annual safety and security inspections. 


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