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5 Security Gift Ideas for The Person Who Has Everything

We all know those people who make us dread Christmas shopping, right? You know, the ones who seem to have everything?

Well, we can be pretty confident when we say that All Secure Lock & Security has a list of gift ideas that not only includes items in any price range, but also that your family and friends probably don’t have but will actually find useful. In some cases, they’ll end up being more helpful than you or they might imagine.

Shape Keys – Do you have a friend who likes to have everything personalized or making a statement? A key in a fun shape is the perfect, unexpected little gift that they’ll be able to use every day. With its low price-point, a shape key can is great as an add-on gift or for a White Elephant party or Secret Santa exchange. You can get the key cut, or they can. And we have something for everyone — really. Our colorful shape keys come in a variety of styles including an American flag, ice cream cone, fishing pole with a fish, a wine glass and so much more.

Ski Locks – Here in Colorado, we all know more than a few people who love to hit the slopes as long as there’s snow on the ground. Unfortunately, ski theft is a real thing that has to be dealt with, and police and resort officials recommend that people lock up their skis whenever they aren’t in use.  For less than $20, you can help the skiers in your life protect their pricey toys that make winter so fun.

Push Button Locks – Imagine a world where you didn’t have to dig through your purse to find your house key, or guys, where you could have one less thing in your pocket. For a starting price of $99, you can give the gift of that reality to a loved one, thanks to our push button locks! The touchpad deadbolts that we offer from Schlage allow entry into your home through personalized code, work with Bluetooth technology and respond to Siri on iPhones and iPads for entry.  These locks hold up to 30 codes and have the highest security rating of the industry, and include an alarm to alert you to someone tampering with the door. All this means that with push button locks, you know your family member has easier entry into their home while also having a home that is more secure.

Ring Video Doorbell – The Ring Video Doorbell is a great second step to security (after locks, of course)  and makes a great gift because, not only does it provide more security to your loved one’s home or business, but it’s affordable and easy to install at any property, whether it be a business, single-family home, apartment or condo. The Ring Video Doorbell lets the property owner see who’s at their door and communicate with that person, no matter where in the world they are. Read more about the benefits of the Ring Video Doorbell here.

Burglary and Fireproof Safes – Whether documents, jewelry or guns, everyone has valuables that need to be protected from everything from fires to floods to burglary. Our American Security residential safes provide the security and peace of mind to know that valuables don’t end up destroyed or in the wrong hands. This AMSEC gun safe  is multipurpose because, in addition to providing secure storage for guns, it has shelves that make it ideal for storing other valuables as well, all in one place. It features a body that is fire-insulated and made of 14-gauge solid steel an illuminated keypad and 3/16-inch steel plate door with two layers of fire-insulating materials that help it withstand 1200-degree temperatures for 30 minutes.

For those looking for a smaller safe that has the best warranty in the business, we’ve got this AMSEC safe. It has a 120-minute fire protection and is certified for burglary protection. This safe features a 4-5/8-inch thick composite door and 2-7/8-inch thick body made of double steel walls.

Come see us at our store in Arvada, or give us at a call at 303-667-2736 for more details about any of these gift ideas or to find out how else we might be able to help you check off friends and family on your gift list this season!

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