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4 Ways To Monitor Aging Parents

Keeping our parents in their homes as they age can be a high priority for some families. But how can we ensure that they are safe and secure in their homes, especially after experiencing an illness or a fall? Not everyone can afford expensive assisted living programs so they may turn to panic pendants and other alerts systems to provide a safety net for letting us know if someone is in trouble. All Secure Lock & Security offers more than traditional home monitoring systems to keep aging parents safe. We offer a complete Wellness Solution that offers way more than an alert button. Here are 4 ways a wellness program offers more than traditional alert systems.

  1. Smart technology offers the ability to monitor activities, like standing, sitting, sleeping, getting the mail…The technology even learns the day-to-day movements of your parents and will alert you if something is unusual.
  2. Is Mom or Dad running up the electricity bills without realizing it? You can automate daily routines, like temperature control and lights. You can even make sure the house is locked up at the end of every day, all through application technology from your phone or tablet.
  3. Are you concerned your parent may wander or leave the house without your knowledge? Wellness home monitoring systems can alert you when a door is opened. A video monitoring addition can even show you what is happening inside of the house.
  4. Receive notifications if medications are missed, someone does not get up out of bed or how much time is spent sitting in a chair. All of these can provide you with peace of mind that your parent or grandparent is staying active and caring for themselves properly.

We are a family owned lock and security company with children at home and parents who are living independently. We understand all too well how these type of home monitoring systems can give comfort and a sense of security. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about Home Wellness Monitoring programs to keep parents in their homes for as long as possible as they age. You can even use these programs within assisted living scenarios to keep a close eye on Mom or Dad. Let us know if we can help.

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