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4 Tips To Securing Your Physical Business

We continue to hear on the news about physical break ins to local brick-and-mortar stores. All Secure is in the business of helping businesses so we thought we would share a few quick tips to improve security. We want to start with the caveat that if someone is determined, they can and will find a way into your business.

These tips can help reduce theft and may reduce repeat incidents. 

  1. Lock up inside and outside. Place money, sensitive documents, and high-value products under lock and key inside of the business. If not always, at least when you close. Some organizations even have a room inside of the business that is kept locked, has a higher security door, and additional monitoring where they can lock up products and other assets at the end of each workday. This means even if the thief can gain entry to the business, there is very little available to steal left out in the open. 
  2. Have access control and alarm systems installed. Whether it is a lite do-it-yourself camera monitoring system or a full blown 24/7 live monitoring system, having a good program to monitor who is coming and going from your business can deter some thieves from considering you to be a target. Even security theater like “Beware of dog” signs can have a psychological impact on someone casing out a potential target for thievery. Install signs of security everywhere. At the same time we suggest you stay away from fake cameras.  These present the appearance of security without giving you any benefit and could even be an issue when there is the assumption of security.
  3. Consider security doors. There are several options when discussing security doors. They are typically heavier, may have bars, and will include sophisticated multipoint locking mechanisms. 
  4. Install video surveillance internally, on the perimeter, and on any fleet vehicles. In the event you do have a break in, catching the perpetrators on camera may help law enforcement. Integrating alarms that capture motion and activity can also give monitoring security companies quick notice of a break in to send law enforcement. 

There are multiple types of electronic security systems now available in the marketplace to keep you in touch with your physical business location(s). Stop in and talk to one of our security experts at All Secure Lock and Security about your concerns and needs. We will make sure you, your team, and your business stay All Secure. 

Ps. Also be sure to ask us about our complimentary security audit!